2023 Year End Review

Why I'm Doing This Review

Investing is hard.  Even the best investors will have some horrible misses. I'm a capital allocator and it's important to be honest where I've made mistakes and where I've been successful, and how each might change going forward.

My portfolio returned 34.48% overall, not a bad year. But that number hides some real volatility and some terrible mistakes.  There's a lot of room for improvement.

Following is discussion of most but not all investments. Several I have exited already.  Some were held for way less than 12 months. I bet there's a few rounding a math errors. For entertainment purposes only, not investment advice.

Winning 2023 Strategies

These strategies I will continue to look for in 2024.  Year to year there may or may not be good opportunities in these strategies, but when they are available I want to put them on, and in the future to put them on in more size when I can.