Required Reading

This page is a list of links to other people's writing (and audio and video) that I consider totally worth your time.  A lot of these are linked in various articles I've written, but I am putting them in one place for convenience.  Updated periodically.

Investing Legends

Legends Abridged - Pierre Lassonde
Pierre Lassonde is in my opinion the best mining investor of all time. Much of that success came as a co-founder of Fraco Nevada. He also was President at Newmont, ran a mining fund, and has had a lot of success investing his own private fortune. I’m going to compile
Legends Abridged - Eric Sprott
Eric Sprott made much of his money from financial services. Sprott physical metal trusts, investment advisory services, lending, and the like. However, there is no denying that he also has made a massive number of personal investments into individual companies in the mining space, that investors v…

Investing Strategies

I've compiled some of my blog stuff on the more mature investment strategies into their own page.

Pre Production Sweet Spot
This page compiles from previous blog articles on this well supported investment strategy. IntroductionThe methodology is pretty simple. Buy at Construction Decision after financing and permits are in place. Sell at either First Pour (more reliable) or declaration of Commercial Production (some ad…
Project Generators
This page compiles from previous blog articles on this well supported investment strategy. Buy Prospect GeneratorsRick Rule transcript starting at 2:22 in the following video: I have done this with some very certain success over the last thirty years. I have been involved by my count in something li…
Royalty Overview
If I could pick one investment strategy to pound the table on this is it. Royalty is King! BacktestingPast results don’t indicate future results, but it’s worth looking at the backtesting data. Junior gold miners on average lose money and are only valuable as a short. Gold historically has lower


Independent Speculator's Drill Result Cheat Sheet is a great resource when looking at press releases of drill results.  Like the you must be this tall to ride signs at roller coasters, it might still be a scary ride but this is the minimum level of knowledge you should have.

Drill Result Cheat Sheet
Lobo Tiggre, The Independent Speculator provides investors with a quick reference guide for interpreting drill results in gold, silver, copper, uranium, or other resource exploration company press releases.

Crux Investor's "The Con" series by Merlin Marr-Johnson is really a great way to get the lay of the land.
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You should read/watch everything by Paul Gait (formerly of Bernstein, now at a European hedge fund).  His charts on gdp to steel and gdp to copper are just fundamental.  His insight that markets aren't forward looking with respect to existing producers building new mines is shocking.  Or that existing producers are basically priced on a multiple of basket revenues.  The breakdown in the Moore's law of mining. That a country's GDP is highly predicted by the amount of metal in its economy.  The labor scale productivity gains in mining and their limits.  Evaporation of the wall of supply in copper.  The reasons different commodities trade at different margins above cash costs.

Franco Nevada is the greatest of all time (GOAT).  The first 21 pages of their asset handbook lays out how they do it.

How to value mining stocks with Kevin MacLean.  He was a mining fund manager for many years and has a good track record.  Here he shares a lot of details on how he invested.


Goehring & Rozencwajg wrote an amazing piece on copper supply.  There are lots of bull cases for long term high copper prices, but this one is one of the best.
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Horizon Kinetics on Copper
Really, all of Horizon Kinetics writing is worth reading, especially their quarterly commentaries.


I created a youtube playlist to talk about this deposit type that is responsible for most of the world's copper and a significant amount of gold.

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A detailed look at cost learning rates for lithium batteries.


Champion Iron makes the (biased) business case for their spot in the industry. It's really good and educational. This is what a real well run business should do for presentation material, others take note.  $VALE and $LIF also benefit from the DRI/EAF quality iron or products, an industry trend I believe in.